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GCloudDrive Review

Get UNLIMITED Cloud Storage using Google Drive
Store Unlimited Photos, Videos, Documents & All Kinds of Files on the Cloud.

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    What is GCloudDrive?

    The GCloudDrive is a perfect cloud drive where you can save or upload unlimited documents, files, videos and photos. There is absolutely no limit to how much you can store there. You will get a new Google Drive account which is a special one.

    Generally, when you sign up for a free Google account, you enjoy 15 GB of space for free. But here you will get unlimited space and you can enjoy the full storage for uploading and storing all your files and documents.

    Features of GCloudDrive

    Automicly backup:

    One of the big data problems that cloud storage solves is the ability to back up data automatically. Having to manually transfer data from one hard drive to another takes time and effort is a thing of the past.

    Your data is always guaranteed with copies available on your online accounts. And even if the backup process has been interrupted due to a power failure, it will still be resumed automatically when the machine reboots.


    This function solves a lot of troubles and annoyances because of the risk of losing important data and cannot be recovered when the device fails, fails, or loses … Knowing that your data is always somewhere in the cloud, and you can access them anytime as long as you have the internet, creating flexibility and proactive work for users.


    GCloudDrive is characterized by high performance, scalability, and low cost. As a result, creating multiple environments that are independent of each other but still ensure similarity in testing or testing application software will be easier to manage.


    The problem that all users and businesses have is the growing volume of storage, especially with businesses, making them forced to find storage solutions that ensure stability, availability.

    as well as the reasonable cost to use. However, moving a large amount of data to the cloud can cause managers to worry about time and security. This can be solved with high bandwidth, safe, and secure cloud transfer services.

    Benefits of GCloudDrive

    Unlimited File Sharing:
    Share your photos, documents and all sorts of files with any number of people and even collaborate with them online.

    Store Unlimited Photos:
    There is no limit to how many Photos you can store. Unlimited Google Photos storage is yours to keep.

    Safeguard Unlimited Files:
    Use your new Google account as an online safety box solution, upload your important files and access them from anywhere you want.

    Store Unlimited Documents:
    Whether you have DOC, PDF, XLS or any kind of documents, upload them, create them and share them any number of times you want.

    Store Unlimited Videos:
    Video storage is huge problem, upload unlimited videos from your computer or phone and store them safely on the cloud for later viewing or sharing.

    Unlimited Audio Files & PDFs:
    Create Sheets, PDF files or any kind of Audio files and upload them to your Google drive storage for sharing over the cloud.

    Pros & Cons


    • Access the stored files from anywhere and everywhere with your login access or credentials
    • No need to carry your laptop or any portable device with you to access to photos, files and documents
    • Store as much as you want with no limits
    • Share your files and documents too with anyone you want with just a click
    • Download the files from the cloud storage anytime and from anywhere


    • The discount price is limited and so is the number of accounts offered
    • It is not an upgrade to your account but a completely separate account for you

    GCloudDrive Pricing

    GCloudDrive 1TB or 1000GB Online Cloud Storage – Lifetime Access: $39.95

    GCloudDrive UNLIMITED Online Cloud Storage – Lifetime Access for :$49.95

    Buyers Reviews


    It is quite evident that the GCloudDrive is quite helpful for the people. Whether you are a business owner or just a college student, having lifetime access to the unlimited Google Drive storage can help you in different ways.

    You can visit the buy this access at a minimal price now, thanks to the discount! But you need to hurry up as the number of account available is limited and if it is gone, then you will not be able to get one. Get your access to the Google Cloud Drive with unlimited storage space.

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